about us

the muse and the bata baby philosophy
"bata baby" was inspired by Sadie Victoria, daughter of owner Maya and husband Evan. When she came along Spring 2007 their lives changed and so did their perspective on life. Each day was going to be lived to its fullest and they were going to do a little something to make the world a slightly better place – How? Through one hand-made product at a time.

behind the owner
While on maternity leave Maya took her very first sewing lessons – one night a week for eight weeks.  She began making bibs and blankets for Sadie and then friends with newborns. Drawn to the benefits of organic products she began to do some research on different kinds of fabric.  Along the way she came across Harmony Arts, the printed fabric used for the organic cotton bib lineFrom there the ideas grew.  A year later, while holding down a full-time day job and juggling mommyhood, she launched "bata baby" online.  bata baby continues to explore environmental and sustainable products and has expanded it's original focus on organic textiles to include repurposed high quality fabrics that have been refined. Watch for the new wee-fine'd line of fun products.

roots of the name

"bata" means "baby" and "child" in the native Filipino tongue, Tagalog.  With the owner's heritage in the Philippines it was a catchy alliteration that just stuck.

the materials
Organic cotton/terry velour: organic cotton farming practices are earth, animal and people friendly
Repurposed fabric: recycled, sustainable, land-fill conscious

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