the materials

why organic cotton?

Organically grown cotton is not treated with pesticides, herbicides or petroleum based fertilizers, nor does it use genetically engineered seed. In countries around the world farmers are raising cotton organically, without the use of costly, often ineffective and dangerous chemicals. It's a wonderful way to honour the planet's favourite natural fiber.

what is alpaca wool?

Alpaca wool has amazing insulating properties and is second only to silk for its strength. It is incredibly soft to the touch, making it the perfect choice for crocheting hats, ponchos and booties. There are significantly less scales found in the alpaca wool fibers compared to sheeps' wool thus allowing individuals with wool allergies to wear it with ease.  Alpaca wool is the only natural fiber that comes in such a range of colors. The mills of Peru recognize 22 natural shades from seven basic colors. Among these are true jet black, white derived from brown hues, blue, charcoal grey and rose grey. 

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