sadie and i ventured off to a great little art shop and studio catering to the budding wee artist - collage collage.  it was such a great experience that it inspired me to start my blogspot.  

you can find collage collage at 621 kingsway (near 15th and fraser).   i heard about it from an e-zine and couldn't wait to visit it with sadie now that i was officially on a month's vacation.  she's got a creative side that is beginning to blossom and this was the perfect place to explore it.  i found a 10 am class on tuesday's for 2-3 year olds so that was our main goal of the day. we found the shop easily and landed a great parking spot for free which is always a bonus. as we entered the doors (and we were the first to arrive - such keeners) we were invited by the owner and emily carr graduate, erin to warm up by taking a seat at the long family style table lined with paper and complete with chunky and colourful crayons to start drawing or scribbling - whatever we fancied. once the other kids arrived erin started off the class with a reading from the classic Grimm brother's tale the musicians of bremen this one retold by Katrin Stangl who also illustrated the book. typically the stories tie into the art projects and today was all about colour - the only three colours used in the book were red, green and brown and these were the same colours used for the art project. a wreath using a paper plate with a hole pre-cut out of the centre, some green construction paper, green paint, brown paper leaves and fun red pom poms to mimic berries were some of the main supplies for the day.  

this was sadie's first hand with all things artsy outside of her crayola washable markers.   i haven't been brave enough to give her anything else.  it was really cool to see her get into it and my hair and her sleeves are evidence of it all. quite into the whole thing she was one of the last to finish.  erin and her co-op student liz, also from emily carr were both patient, supportive and very encouraging of all the children's work, which is awesome considering they don't have kids of their own. each child finished their project at their own pace and once finished their creations were put on a drying rack (to keep overnight or to take home that day).  after washing up the kids could explore more drawing or reading or even playing with the felt board - brought me back to my kinder-days.  there was never a feeling of being rushed at any point while we were there and it was nice to also check off my christmas shopping list with a few prezzies.

this place is a real treasure and a wonderful place to introduce my daugther to more art - and without having to clean up the mess (thanks erin)!  there is so much to say about collage collage but it's a must see in person! come out and  "shop, look + learn". classes available for kids and adults. drop in $10 or buy by the pack. they also do parties. like i said too much to say. more info at

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