one of the best decisions I recently made was hiring a photographer for my daughter sadie's third birthday. a bit much?  well, after thinking about not having to run around taking photos while juggling being the party host, babysitter, caterer, referree and mom on the big day, the decision came easy.

the last thing i wanted to worry about at sadie's party was missing those special moments captured on the digital so I could send it to her grandparents or get that perfect shot for the thank you cards.  there's also nothing worse than seeing the "battery low" flashing halfway through the party and missing her blowing out her candles for the first time on her own.  or maybe, just maybe could i actually be in some of the photos without my head half cut off because i didn't hold up the camera just right at arms length?  so when erin, owner of collage collage (the party spot) offered up vancouver local, lauren joan of lauren joan photography, i thought "what the heck" - one less thing (aka stress) on my plate.   

i have to say, she was awesome. it was so nice to just enjoy the party, spend quality time with sadie and evan (my husband) and actually catch up with our friends during the party. lauren was really great with the kids.  she was patient, friendly, engaging and creative. 

lauren's got a great eye, she's easy-going and she's a talent well worth the money for the full 2.5 hour party - doesn't break the bank. she gave me peace of mind, which I consider priceless and sent us a CD of the photos in the mail shortly after. You can get a peek at sadie's party pics on her blogspot

visit for more info and to book her for your next party or even for a special family photo shoot.
10/5/2010 07:49:57

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